Folder tree expands one level despite preferences (v13)

I just upgraded to 13 and noticed that what I’m used to (or set up) has changed and I can’t find a way to change it back.

In the left hand side tree view I have my favourites expanded and everything else collapsed. When I switched between tabs there used to be no change to the left side. Now when I switch the tree view expands to one folder level below C drive. The tab is a folder somewhere below that 1 level.

So it doesn’t expand to the actual folder but it does expand. I used to have the expand to the folder switched off and it still looks switched off. I can’t seem to recognise a setting that might be related to this behaviour.

Did you used to use the folder tree lock?

In 13 the lock is disabled by default because we found people would click it without realising and then get confused that their tree never expanded.

You can re-enable it from Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance / Show lock button.