Folder Tree gone missing

After owning many versions of Directory Opus I decided to try out some features today and somehow lost the Folder Tree. I've been trying to get it back for two hours. I can't find how to re-enable the Folder Tree even in the 899 page manual (mostly all text!). I need to just go back to being productive. Also, I could find no way to simply reset the entire configuration to factory. Toolbar reset, yes. I'm to the point of just uninstalling the whole thing as Windows Explorer is more useful for me.

Will someone PLEASE tell me how to re-enable this view? Many, Many thanks.

You can turn the tree on using this menu:

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Thanks. One of my kids closed the folder tree and I've been looking for it for about half an hour.

Sorry, I should have been clearer in that the post solved my problem on restoring the tree.