Folder Tree highlight

In the Folder Tree, I have a certain color combination for text and background, set
in Settings _ Preferences _ Display _ Colors & Fonts _ Item: _ Folder Tree _

When I highlight a folder name in the Folder Tree, I get another color
combination. Then, when I click on the bar with the lister buttons (I do not
know what this bar is called, because in the manual picture, this bar is
not identified), I get another combination of text color and background color.

Does anybody know where the highlight color are set, and where the colors I see
when I click on "that" bar are set?

Hans L

The selected colour comes from the system, so the only way to change it is by editing your system colours through the Control Panel. The next version of Opus will let you set the highlight colour specifically.

Thanks, Jon. Then I'll wait.

Hans L