Folder tree in the center possible?

Right now i have drive bar in center but i was hoping if it is possible to have Folder tree in the center?

You can have a shared one on the left which both file displays use, or two trees withone to the left of each file display.

You can't have a shared one in the middle.

Having 2 trees takes too much space...
maybe possible in future?

well this happened to me :slightly_smiling_face:

Now i have removed drive bar but it has feature when i click on drive icon by right mouse button it will open drive on right pan and on left mouse click it will open left pane.can it be done with folder tree too?

Isn't that folder tree only attached to the right file display? That isn't what you were asking for.

This is how i wanted it to be in the middle of both the panels and folder changes accordingly in both panels after clicked on folder tree.Just left and right button for left and right panel needs to configured as i asked above.

You can't have a shared tree in the middle.

You sure? Because it works for me too. It may be 'attached' to the right, but when the left panel is activated i can indeed navigate with the 'middle' folder tree.

That's news to me, but if it works then great!

In "Preferences > Folder Tree > Selection Events" you can probably configure the middle mouse button to do so, but right click is reserved for the context menu.

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wow that is just so great and thx for helping :smiley:. I just set middle click for opening left tab and now it is so easier.