Folder Tree - inline rename of a folder doesn't show "file extension"

In folder tree, when I try to inline rename a folder, e.g. "RStudio Desktop_1.2.5033", only "RStudio Desktop_1.2" will be highlighted (missing file extension) - I can't see or copy the full name anymore.

When I do this in the normal (dual vertical) view, I have the complete name.

Do I miss a setting or is this a bug (using 12.18)?

That's not the normal behaviour, this is what I see when I press F2:


What the hell?
I just retest and it works now. I'd the problem with every folder (with version names like this).
I have no idea why it works now.
I will keep an eye on it.

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Does it depend how you initiate the rename? e.g. Hotkey vs slow mouse click?