Folder Tree not showing Bitlocker status


Opus (12.11) doesn't update the unlock status of Bitlockered drives in the folder tree (see attached 'BitlockerStatus.gif').

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This will (hopefully) be fixed in the next update.

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thanks Jon - the fix looks good!

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hello, I noticed this is still an issue in the latest 12.2x builds (unlocked drives are still showing as locked).
Maybe the drives should be polled for their status?

Please advise..

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Are the expected icons showing in File Explorer? (Maybe sure you open the File Explorer window at the same time as the Opus one, to properly test that the icon both shows the current state and reacts to state changes.)

hi Leo, thanks for the prompt reply.
Good idea - unfortunately in the attached you can see D: is unlocked in both however K:\ in Opus (top) shows still locked, but shows unlocked in Explorer (bottom).

  • So if you start with the drive showing it is locked in both programs, keep both windows open, then unlock it using Opus, does the existing Explorer window update to show it unlocked and Opus doesn't?

  • Is Opus running as administrator? (It should say in the titlebar if it is, but that's cropped out of the screenshot.) That could block the change notification from being received.

  • If you close the Opus window and open a new one, is the icon still wrong in that?

  1. Correct. I unlock the drives from Opus and can see them unlock in the Explorer window below but show as locked in in Opus. Also observed is Explorer shows the correct drive labels even when locked.
  2. Nope, not running as admin
  3. Yes, the drives still show as locked in Opus even after closing the window and opening a new one (perhaps because dopus.exe is still running).

That's interesting, and suggests the operating system isn't returning the correct icon for some reason. The icons ultimately come from the OS, and we just display what it gives us. If we don't know to re-request it, the icon may be stale, but a new window should always ask for the current icons and display whatever Windows says to.

If you use File > Exit Directory Opus to completely shut down the program, then restart it, does the icon become correct then, or is it still wrong?

I have no File > Exit Directory Opus option, however if I manually kill dopus.exe and and start opus again the drive statuses are correct and appear to keep in sync with the bitlocker statuses.
However, today the statuses are out of sync again (but Explorer is always in sync).

You shouldn't kill dopus.exe as it could corrupt your config data. I'd recommend adding the Exit item (Close Program is the command) back to your menus.

From the sound of things, the icon is working and updating at first and then gets stuck in one state for some reason. I think something else on the system must be interfering, but I don't know what would do that.

I use Bitlocker all the time, with a drive that is mounted and unmounted several times each day, and the icon stays in sync here.

I didn't remove the Exit item from the menus - I'm just using the ListerMenu toolbar instead of the Menu toolbar, however I'll certainly use Alt+F4 in future to close Opus.

Do you think these stuck states could be due to Remote Desktop since I mostly rdp into the machine? Maybe it get's sticky when shutting down Windows10 from a remote session.
Perhaps even a combination of that plus (by default) windows doesn't actually shutdown but goes into some special sleep/suspend mode to improve the next startup time...

I don't think we ever shipped a default toolbar with a File menu that didn't have the exit option on it. It's either been modified (or imported from someone's shared config) or it's from a version of Opus older than I can remember. :slight_smile:

however I'll certainly use Alt+F4 in future to close Opus.

Alt+F4 won't exit the program. It'll only close the window.

I'm not aware of an issue like that but it's possible. Remote Desktop certainly does some very strange things with icons in other areas. (Every time I connect to one of my machines via RDP, icons for deleted files re-appear on the desktop until I refresh it. The files don't exist, but Windows thinks they do again. It's very odd and started happening in Win10 1909 or 2004. So there could be similar issues, I guess.)

The "tray icon" can also be used to Exit Directory Opus.

@rcoleman1943 - thanks!