Folder Tree pane not updated when new folder created

I have the situation where a software tool created a subfolder in an existing folder.

The Folder Tree pane does not show the new subfolder, however when I click on the parent folder the added folder does show up in files pane.

I collapsed and re-expanded the folder tree but the new folder did not show up.

I then manually pressed the F5 key (refresh)... the folder showed up.

I know that new files in a folder automatically show up (perhaps with a sleight delay).

My expectation is that the Folder Tree pane would also detect deletions/insert and update automatically.

I have a screen capture showing the problem but I don't know how to upload it as part of this submission.

This lack of detection is reminiscent to me of the FTP support. There are times where I go to an FTP folder on a remote machine and a file that someone added does not show up until I refresh the folder contents (F5) a few times.


The current beta version (link in my signature) has a fix for one similar issue with the folder tree. Please try that if you aren't already using it.

If that does not help, please go through the suggestions in this guide: Changes to folders are not always detected.