Folder Tree Short Expansion


This seems like a relative simple desire but with all the searching I cannot find a solution.

My problem relates to using Opus in "Explorer" mode (ie a folder tree on the left & file display on the left). When I select (double click) on a folder of the file display (ie the left window), the folder tree (ie the right window) expands entirely out to display all the folders that exist within.

When facing over 500 sub-folders in the folder display & I want to navigate between one or more of these, an expanded folder tree creates extra problems with this task. Granted I can also tabs (Alt + Click) to assist this tasks but is there another way?

For example, setting the folder tree so that only the selected sub-folder expands in the folder tree? I note that this feature is default with Win2K explorer.


Do you mean Settings -> Preferences - Listers - Folder Tree: Expand selected branch? (i.e. turn that off)


It would appear that setting (when expands all folders without clicking each sub folder individually.

This is the look I want to achieve

and this is the look I am currently experiencing

Any thoughts?

Oh I see, you don't want the parent of the current folder to be completely expanded, but to be "semi-expanded" so it only shows the current folder and not other siblings of it.

There's no way to achieve that in Opus at the moment but it does seem like a good idea as an option. Well worth suggesting to GPSoftware as a feature request if not done already.