Folder Tree unresponsive


I'm using Dopus 12.3 x64 portable on a Windows 7 desktop.
The base version from which I made the portable one runs perfectly on the other PC, but the portable version becomes unresponsive when I try to use the Folder Tree (left Folder Tree in a Dual Vertical lister).

Is there any way to close the Folder Tree other than clicking on the close X button?


There shouldn't be any real difference in how the folder tree behaves between a portable copy and an HDD install. It's always the same code. I would suspect something else is involved than the install location.

(Possibly your antivirus treating a program run from a USB stick differently to one run from the HDD, when it tries to access certain things? Or something else that is different between one test and the other, such as a network drive that is in the tree becoming inaccessible?)

If the folder tree's X button doesn't work to close it, it probably can't be closed any other way, other than closing the whole window or program. But you could try using the Lister > Folder Tree menu.