Folder tree view not refreshing automatically

Creating a new folder in the right pane does not update the tree view in the left pane. DOpus detects folder changes in general, and they show up everywhere except in the left folder tree pane. Thats really annoying, I need to press F5 every time. The problem is with all kinds of folders - local, network etc.

DOpus German version (Problems exist since v9.0)
Windows Vista Business 32 German

Does it never work, or only sometimes?

Which method are you using to create the folders?

It does never work.

Mostly I use DOpus to create new folders, in the right pane with the "New folder" context menu option.
I also tested it in the windows console with "mkdir mytestfolder" command - the new folder instantly showed up in the right pane, but not in tree view.

If you go to Preferences - Listers - Folder Tree and set Start Folder Tree at: Current Drive (using the drop-down near the top), then restart Opus, is the problem still there?

Thats it, thanks!

Seems the problem only appears with the user folders, e.g. "Documents", "Pictures" etc. when I navigate to them via the "Desktop" > "User Name" structure.
When I navigate to the same folder via "C:\Users\User Name..." it works.

Besides, there is another strange behaviour with those user folders, especially in the German version, see appended screenshot and look at the alphabetic sorting resp. not-sorting.

Would be nice too see this fixed.

That's probably it. The localised folder names must be confusing Opus somewhere along the way.

If you haven't done so already, please report the problem to GPSoftware via the link in my signature so that they know about it and can fix it.

Thanks for the info, we will have a fix for this in the next version.