Folder Tree width after lister style change

Whenever I change my lister style (for example from Explorer To Images and back) the folder tree width remains from the Images style...

But why the text if I can illustrate it: ... es.hu_.jpg

When I close the lister, and open a new, FT width is "normal" again (since it's from the default lister) but changing styles is annoying this way...
Any advices? Thanks...

Do you want the Images style not to change the tree width?

Or do you want the Images style to change the tree width, as it is doing, but then for the style to then change it to something else?

I think you can do either, and it depends which of the type styles have the Folder Tree checkbox turned on. If it's turned off then they'll leave the tree as it is; if it's turned on then they should set the tree to whatever it was when the style was saved.

(At least, that's my guess. I haven't used Styles very much.)

Yup, it works just like you've written... :slight_smile: