Folder tree won't refresh automatically. :(


When directory structure is changed from outside DOpus, the changes immediately appear in DOpus file lister. I can see the newly created folders have appeared (if they we created in the folder currently shown in the lister).

But in the folder tree the changes will not be shown. To update the folder tree, i have to manually press F5.

The folder structure won't show me the newly created folders even if i navigate into them with DOpus!

Sorry, i cannot reproduce the problem now. :frowning: Creating a folder from outside DOpus makes it appear both in lister and folder tree. But i'm not making up, the problem often took place both at home and at work.

When i encounter the problem next time, i will write the steps to reproduce it. It is an everyday problem.

The problem might relate to network drives, i'm not sure.

This FAQ may help: Changes to folders are not being detected.

Having the same problems... ... ht=refresh

Restart the pc, often solves the problem.