Folder tree

I can't seem to figure out how to get the Folder Tree to show all the time is can be shown. For instance, if I open the Control Panel (which have no folder tree!?), and I then go back to another lister, the Folder Tree does not come back.

Grateful for a tip.

Hans L

How are you going to Control Panel?

I have a button in the toolbar, so no new version of DOpus is opened.

Hans L

What does that button run? A simple "go /controls" would not close the tree by itself so it must do something else, I think.

In Function, it says


Rest assured that I have no memory of how I got that in there :slight_smile:

So, I should change it, eh?

Hans L

You probably got it by dragging the Control Panel folder onto the toolbar. Strange that it closes the tree, though. Are you sure it isn't opening another window without a tree and leaving the old window behind?

Anyway, changing the button to "go /controls" should solve the problem.

Nudel, I must sheepishly admit that it actually does open another window. I feel like a real idiot. I always continued working in the Dopus version that opened the Control Panel, and I never noticed that the earlier version was still open (until much later, and then I did not make the connection).

Thank you for letting me waste your time.


Hans L

I am, of course, sorry for having wasted your time!!!

Hans L