Folders extensions ? Hotkeys active although dOpus inactive?

Hi all,

recently ordered dOpus and must admit that i love it even after 2 decades of using lots of good file managers/commanders:-)

However, I run into two issues which I'd like to get solved:

I can't find a columns option for sorting folders by extension names.
As all commanders i used where capable of this feature I organized lots of my dir structures using this option and it would be more than useful to have this option back now in dOpus.

I mapped the F4 key to open any file with notepad.
Unfortunatly this key fires now also for any another application that has the focus ( runs in the foreground ) leading to unexpected behaviour.
For example: In MS Flight Simulator F4 key is the max throttle.
So each time I type "max throttle" in the flightsim (regradless of fullscreen mode or windowed), notepad.exe is fired and FS drops to the background :open_mouth:

Only soultion now seems to close all listers and even shut down dopus background task to get the fsim running properly
Can this be customized/fixed in way so that dOpus is not so "over-powerful" ?

thanks for any hints


I don't think you can sort folders by "extension" (folders don't really ever have extensions which is why they always have a blank Extension column in Opus).

The F4 hotkey sounds like it's set to be system-global. Go to Settings / Customize / Keys, find the F4 key in the list and double-click it. There will be a System-wide Hotkey checkbox that you just need to turn off.

yes, i didn't uncheck the "system wide" setting for the hotkey !

for the folder name extensions i'm curious why all those "Pow_rdesks" or "Tot_lCommanders" got it working though ?!

thanks anyway, nudel !

I'm assuming that it's not something that would be technically hard to do in Opus but it was a choice that, since folders don't have file extensions, they shouldn't have the letters after their last dot moved into the extension column.

Whether there's scope for changing that in Opus I don't know.

In the meantime, an alternative might be to use the Set Description command to add descriptions to the directories (which could be the same as their extensions) and then sort by the Description column. I can't think of a better way off to get what you need in the current version of Opus, off the top of my head.

point is that i already used those folder names ("extensions") for structuring some of my dirs.
Probably i will go back to my old habit and use the "sorting" part of folder names left of the "describing part" to keep it compatible with the system.
Its not too much i have to change for my dirs.

Maybe for other dOpus customers who did similar approaches like me in the past but to a much larger extent it indeed might be helpful to have this "folder extension" option in dOpus - if it can be done easily ? :slight_smile:

thx again & all the best - plus
merry christmas !