Folders / Folder Images tied to the current profile

I like to use a different color as a backgound for my C: drive since it only contains my system and programs. I can do that using Folders > Folder Images and it works fine. The only problem is the fact that this setting is theme independent so if I choose a very dark red it works fine with the dark theme but is unusable when switching to the light one and if I choose a light red, then it works with the light theme but when switching to dark... That's why I think that, in a future update (DO 14 maybe) it would be nice if Folders / Folder Images were saved on a per theme basis.

That was how themes used to work but it caused problems because themes would be full of references to folders that not everyone has (or which don’t have the same path on all machines).

Thank you, I understand.

We may make it so folder images can specify different images for light and dark mode, for people who switch modes every day. Main question there is how the UI should work.

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