Folders Groups

how to enable groups with folders nicknames, such as in OneCommander and XYplorer?

see left pane

Checking I've understood: You want a favorites list (or similar list of folders) on a toolbar on the left of the window?

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The icon sizes and nesting can be changed if you need to. Let us know if you still want anything.

yes it sounded interesting so i had a look at OneCommander... what it is. it's a vertical list that lets you group folders in groups under sub headings it had a + in each group so you can just click to add current folder and you can rename groups ... its a nice idea .... +1 from me to add to dopus

You can already do a few similar things in Opus, depending on exactly what you want.

The simplest thing is to add the Favorites list to a menu. You can also add individual branches of the list (and could have buttons to add things to the branches if you wanted to, although that'd be a waste of space IMO as you can pick a branch when adding a favorite the normal way).

Or you can drag folders to toolbars (while in customize mode) to create buttons that go to them which are independent of favorites.

Or make buttons that display all the shortcuts under a folder somewhere, or various other things.