Font control on a Layout by Layout basis

Is this at all possible?

I sometimes troubleshoot friends' computers. None of them has the same size display and resolution, so when Opus starts up from the USB drive, I am often lost because of MASSIVE FILE NAMES that take over the display or illegible text.
What I would really like is to switch to the "Bob layout" and have everything perfect for Bob's huge screen, or select the "Cindy layout" and have everything perfect for Cindy's tiny screen.

Disclosure: I asked a similar question a long while ago, but not in the right way: at the time I was thinking preferences rather than layouts. Also at the time my only concern was for working close to the screen or far from the screen (e.g. when selecting a movie from the couch). The troubleshooting deal is a new story that has cropped up for me this year. I am finding myself taking USB-Opus with me and often refraining from flipping it out because I'm afraid of having to deal with messed up displays.

Looking forward to your insights!



Font sizes are a global setting, not per-window, so layouts won't help here.

You could set something up which swaps the config file containing the font choices before launching Opus. I think that's the only good way to do it.

Thanks for the thought, Leo.
A batch file to switch out dopusdata/ConfigFiles/prefs.ocx?
Nice idea, that's definitely an option.

I might hold out a bit, though, because the feature is on the wish list for Xmas. :slight_smile: For me, that would seem to make the USB installation a lot more functional.

On further thought, maybe Styles would be the best place to implement this, since they already have a whole menu to specify tabs and so on. It would require adding an "override default fonts" checkbox in the Styles menu.

Btw working hard on an update of my tut right now---updating, editing, and also arranging content over multiple pages as I've received feedback that navigation could be improved. Will keep you posted.

Wishing you a fun evening,