Font Size Changes not made in second panel

Hi: New computer. The font size was really small, so went into Settings and changed the font size. However when the window is split the rightmost window is still a small font. Could not locate any way to fix that...

The font size in Preferences should affect both panels, unless the size in the other panel has been overridden. You'll see a magnifying glass (+) icon on the right of the path field if that is the case.

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I agree it should affect both panels, however on my new Win11 machine it does not. This is not to say that I cannot read the right pane, it is just a bit smaller, i.e. the original font size. Seems like a bug or feature :-))

If you mean the font size is different in the folder tree ("left window") to the file display ("right window"), there are separate font settings for both.

Sorry, I was ambiguous. The folder tree is the left most pane. The folder display is the right most pane when in Single Folder mode and has the same font size as the folder tree. However, when clicking on the "Dual Folder mode" the left folder pane is font size 10 (the setting that I changed it to) and the right folder pane is probably font size 8 or 9 (i.e. the default size). This discrepancy only occurs in the "Dual Folder" mode.

Can you post a screenshot?

I am configuring a new machine (Win 11) and I did not have snapshot on this machine until this evening. The two folder panes show the save folder content but have different font sizes.


The one on the left has been zoomed in, as Leo suggested in his initial reply to you.

Thanks, I don't recall doing the zoom, but resetting the zoom 120% certainly fixed the problem. In fact I was unaware that there was a zoom function...