Font size of favorites list dropdown

Like the title says I'm seeking a way to adjust the size of the font used in my favorites list. It's too large and the favorites list scrolls down farther than it needs to off screen.

It appears that it is the same size as my file and folder display font but changing that setting doesn't affect the favorites list's listings font size.

I already know how to navigate to settings -> preferences -> colors and fonts but as far as I can tell none of the settings there change the favorites list drop down's font size.

Do you mean the drop-down on the path bar? That uses the same font as the toolbar itself, which you can change in Preferences > Colors & Fonts (or override for individual toolbars via Customize > Toolbars).

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Ok I got it, thanks.

The customize-toolbars method works well, I just had to enable the checkbox first. I also tidied up my favorites better with a 2ndary list by making a "new branch". Is there any way that I can point to that new branch itself with it's own button - so that I can hit one button for general favorites and another button for the new branch? (theoretically making a separate custom button for each branch)?

Thanks again. DirectoryOpus is a great app.

The Favorites command PATH argument can be used for that.

Favorites PATH="*New Branch"

(Favorites "*New Branch" will do the same thing, since PATH is the default argument and doesn't need to be named explicitly.)