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For Newbies: My lean Dopus 10 power packed!

Exactly 14.0 days ago I installed Dopus for the first time and instantly got hooked! So here am I, a total Dopus beginner, never used any Dopus (Dopus9, Dopus8, Dopus7, etc.) before in my life, and coming from Winxp Windows Explorer and Q-Dir. We all know Total Commander but who has been really and honestly enjoying using it? TC is lean, fast, customizable, powerful, super stable, suitable for gargantuan pro tasks and bugfree. But is it beautiful or fun to work with? Maybe not! Long ago i acknowledged its power and refined functionality but hard as i tried i never fell in love with it. And customizing TC is not a user-friendly experience. Rather ugly. Some of us also know PowerDesk Pro which used to be a lean (in release versions 2.x-4.x) and fast way to do simple standard file management operations in a nice looking, space saving GUI with dual listers. It had its bugs, crashed very often, the viewer plugin was a mess.. but i continued to believe in it until ..etc.. :unamused:

After all the time with the aforementioned file managers i finally found the right balance between stability, performance, beauty, fun, customizability, security, and power in Dopus. You cant call Dopus "lean" in its original meaning (Q-Dir's program folder is 656KB and independent and 100% portable; all in a single small folder!) but it is fast anyway with ~99% beautiful and seamless integration as Window Explorer replacement. Now my aim, as a Dopus beginner, was to customize Dopus10 in such a way that i could convince myself that it replaces the need for other (or another) file managers. My Dopus GUI should look clean, simple, not wasting space but still have all "nice functions/commands" permanently present at some (single) place. Trying to avoid duplicate commands whenever reasonable. No distracting colours, themes, background images. Just a lean, power packed Dopus. For this purpose i installed the last Dopus9.x version (to check out what a final bugfree version looks like, incl. the GUI) and compared it with Dopus10.0. Then i adopted the agreeable ideas from either version to recombine them in a perfected standard setup (GUI). The point is, when you install Dopus10.0 for the first-time on a clean system, it comes with at least 8 toolbars, and activating them all will look like this :laughing:

So. This thread presents my lean Dopus power packed!

The following screenshot shows my Dopus standard view (1 Lister mode). My aim was to pack all(!) nice functions which are spread and duplicated on various toolbars and menus into 2 rows only. Note that i shortened names for items in the ListerMenu toolbar, moved the Help and FTP menu item in an effort to save space, and reduced all spacings to "zero". I hardly waste space, the total toolbar height (vertical length) is acceptably thin, and at the right side there's still some space left for a few more extra buttons. The top right button is a special button: it copies a pre-filled text file (called file_id.diz) from my Desktop to the current folder and then opens it with notepad.exe. This is very handy if you want to leave (=save) textual notes for/in the folder which you are currently browsing (e.g. a music album folder, a ZIP folder, ..). It is similar to launching notepad.exe (for writing down arbitrary notes), just a bit more comfortable:
(click to enlarge view!)

Taking Dopus9 "ListerMenu" as template, in ListerMenu : File menu i added icons for all items, removed the File Context Menu item (because i dont find it very helpful here!), and moved three Dopus10's items hereto: the Help menu item (slightly enlarged by 2 unimportant arbitrary buttons; you can also add a Download and Install latest Beta version button), the Command Prompt Here item, and the Folder Tabs menu item. Look for these items (and buttons) in various of the 8 toolbars which come with a first-time Dopus10 ( installation on a clean windows system. Note how clean this menu looks, although files are selected in the current Lister. Also note "Neu" which is a Windows shell item to create new files (New Textfile, New Shortcut, etc.); Dopus placed it there automatically:

The ListerMenu : Edit menu has been rearranged and fine-tuned in order to contain only Rename/Copy/Delete and the SendTo menu. I moved all Select commands to the icon toolbar, otherwise it would all get too packed and intense. Note that the Copy Filter can be easily seen and accessed, and whenever there is a toggle button i renamed it with "On/Off". Also note the addition of the TeraCopy Pro button; the Dopus Destination Lister is automatically set as TeraCopy Pro target folder:

In ListerMenu : View i collected all pertinent View items. If you want to "view something" or "change the view", then you would find the command here. Items are arranged logically and it made sense to place the Logs here and also Load Lister Layout:

The ListerMenu : Go menu is rather boring to comment on. Shortcut to Control Panel, to FTP drive, .. they all should be here:

As you can see in ListerMenu : Fav menu, i dont have any Favorites at the moment of writing:

The ListerMenu : Set menu has been streamlined. Here you can find all commands related to preferences and settings and saving them. It is also the place for saving and editing Lister Layouts. An interesting addition here is the 32-bit Settings Application for the installed codec pack with which you can control Dopus10's viewer pane's playing of 84+ audio/video file extensions (incl. CD, DVD, Bluray, lossless flac, ape, alac, ogg, wv, mpc, etc.):

In the Tools menu, i tried to gather all tool-like commands. Without Dopus you would use them as standalone application or in separate windows: a FTP client (moved here!), a file splitter/joiner, an image converter, an image uploader, and the standard panel with file finder, duplicate finder, and synchronization tool. If you're missing some other hardcore tool (known from Total Commander), you would find it in the icon toolbar further below in this post. I replaced the Disconnect Network Drive...-button with a Disconnect Drives (D-Tools, USB)-button because at home i dont connect network drives to my main PC but other types of "temporary drives": virtual drives by Daemon Tools, USB drives (external HDD, or pen drives, USB thumb flash drives, memory sticks), a.o. The Display FTP Logs item is redundant here, because you could access it thru the ListerMenu : View : Logs menu item. Also note that i have added a third-party's search engine (click to enlarge view!) on the F3 button :

Now let's have a look at most of my toolbar buttons (some of which are not modified!). I added this handy Refresh button. In the default DO10 installation, a Refresh item is missing in the toolbars and in the Right-click context menu(s). At least in the toolbar there should be a Refresh item, i thought:

You've probably seen this Select menu elsewhere, in other toolbars. Now it's here in my toolbar:

Right-click on the Copy button emulates the famous behaviour known from Total Commander copy dialogue. It also provides you with some time to think about what you're actually doing (here: copying what??) before the actual copying process starts:

Similar to the Copy button, right-click on the Move button emulates the famous behaviour known from Total Commander move dialogue. It also provides you with some time to think about what you're actually doing (here: moving what??) before the actual moving process starts:

Flexible folder creation, and folder size calculation (i prefer right-click to the default MMB):

Right-click launches my favourite renaming tool which reads in all selected items. J.M. Falcao's File Renamer program options lets you integrate it into the shell too. It is a self-explanatory user-friendly tool (and, too, has scripting capability) and i prefer it to the Dopus renaming facility:

This is a quite important button. It gathers all cool archive operations which are absent in Windows Explorer. The WinRAR button will open WinRAR in its explorer mode (if you know what that is :wink: for the current folder. So you have a "lister view" thru the eyes of WinRAR! All banal extracting operations (Extract Here, Extract To) are to be accessed thru the Lister's context menu. You dont need this toolbar button for them:

This Undo button is important and i left it unchanged. Do note that the Delete button is gone. It is safer not to have any Delete button in the toolbar, believe me:

You've seen the Properties menu at some other place, now it's here:

This is a nice one. Although BeyondCompare3 (BC3) already provides excellent shell integration, we now have it too in form of a VERY COOL three-way button in our toolbar. Extremely cool :opussanta: i cant repeat it often enough. Special thanks to leo for his refined coding of the button functionality; no more distinction between "Source versus Destination" needed, instead the natural "Left vs Right" is adopted:

Click on it for your standard view (i.e. files with "h" attribute are hidden!), and right-click on it to see all and any files and folders (system items, hidden system items, locally hidden items, globally hidden items, ..). The code for this button is posted in steve's Hidden Files. Thanks and credits go to steve, leo and kundal:

I can toggle my viewer pane on/off with "Alt + V" hotkey. I adopted this idea from John David Hutton's video review of Dopus9:

Folder Formats, Formats Management and Folder Options are together in a single menu with no menu arrow. I couldnt make this menu look nicer, e.g. by adding icons to the entries Images, Movies, Music,.. :

Nothing changed here. A very fundamental button:

This is the only place in my Dopus GUI (except for the Lister context menu) where the local view (Details, Tiles, Thumbnails, ..) can be changed. It cycles thru the different view modes if you click on it repeatedly (no menu):

The file context menu (here: for image files) has some useful additional entries: J.M. Falcao's File Renamer, MediaInfo, and ImageShack and Image Conversion:

My Status Bar (in single Lister mode) is nothing special. I was trying to copy the format of Q-Dir's VERY HELPFUL status bar format. Q-Dir's status bar displays the size of all selected items. In my Dopus10, i first have to right-click on the "Create New Folder"-twoway-button, and then the status bar info equals Q-Dir's status bar:
(click to enlarge view!)

Yeah, my Dopus GUI doesnt look very splashy or impressive. It is pretty plain, with no colours or themes. But this is in essence the way i want to have my Dopus 10 GUI look like: functional, economic, where every function has its designated place, no extra toolbar needs to be called, all functions are ordered with some logical structure, easily found and accessed. Ready to start off!!

IMO any default installation of DO10 should look like this!! :grin:

Notes for USB Export:
When you export the above Dopus to USB2.0 thumb flash drive, then the following "linked components" would probably get broken:[ul]
[li]WinRAR (missing on thumb drive)[/li]
[li]J.M. Falcao's File Renamer (missing on thumb drive)[/li]
[li]Beyond Compare Pro 3 (missing on thumb drive)[/li]
[li]TeraCopy Pro (missing on thumb drive)[/li]
[li]1by1 directory player or any other portable app (missing on thumb drive)[/li]
[li]file_id.diz creation button (missing on thumb drive)[/li]
[li]WII Advanced Search engine (missing on thumb drive)[/li]
[li]hdd letter icons (missing on system)[/li]
[li]Shark007 or any other Codec Pack (missing on system)[/li]
[li]MediaInfo or any other shell context menu items (missing on system)[/li]
[li]RemoveDrive.exe (missing on system)[/li]
[li]D-Tools 3.47 (missing on system)[/li]
[li]aria2c.exe (missing on system)[/li][/ul]

Last but not least, check out the Plugins forum section. Personally i found in particular the following Dopus plugins very helpful:[ul]
[li]NFO Viewer plugin by Leo Davidson[/li]
[li]ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin (Note: On Windows XP you need to install a PreviewHandlerPack)[/li]
[li]Quick View Plus 11 plugin pack by Avantstar (this hasn't been tested. i am broke :stuck_out_tongue:)[/li][/ul]

Just curious. I've had the impression that you're new Opus as of Opus 10. Is that correct? If so where did you get/why do you have a ListerMenu toolbar? As far as I know that was a toolbar from Opus 9 and doesn't exist in a new installation of Opus 10. Did you actually have Opus 9 or did you just happen to coincidentally and independently create a toolbar called ListerMenu.

Hi Rob :slight_smile: i am totally new to Dopus. Never had or used any Dopus before in my entire life. So i installed Dopus10.0.0.0. In the toolbars, there is one pre-installed toolbar called "ListerMenu". Just check it in the list of toolbar items to activate; you must have overlooked it!

I do have test-installed Dopus9 a week ago, and it is true that the Dopus10's (v10.0.0.1) "ListerMenu" toolbar looks like a copy of Dopus9 menu bar. As this thread demonstrates, the pre-installed Dopus10 ListerMenu does not reflect the full power of Dopus 10 functionality. For example, the ImageShack upload command is missing. That's why i needed to update/upgrade the original Dopus10 ListerMenu. (In v10.0.0.4, the default installation is missing the NerOpus toolbar and the ListerMenu toolbar!)

I think the ListerMenu is present only because you installed Opus 9.

On a modern computer there's no reason to care if a program is 1MB or 30MB. Only the parts you actually use get loaded into memory and, even for flash-drives, it's a trivial amount of disk-space either way. I've got plenty of apps on my phone that use more disk-space than Opus. :slight_smile:

Just the icons embedded within dopus.exe take up more disk-space than Q-Dir. Makes no difference to the speed of the code.

In another thread your Ctrl-F hotkey was setup the Opus 9 way, not the Opus 10 way. If you didn't have Opus 9 installed before, maybe you've imported a config from Opus 9? (e.g. Some of the 'themes' on the forums are really full config files, which I personally dislike but we put a warning on them and leave it up to you to decide if you want to load someone's entire config over the top of yours.)