For what is selection box in prefs / toolbars / scripts?


I did an out-of-box test of [url]Columns: Movie Filename Database] "Columns: Movie Filename Database" and tried to "disable" it.

  1. I've disabled the script in "Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts" (no selection of the script in the script list)
  2. I've closed all lister and killed the dopus.exe process.
  3. Started DO and the columns of the script are still there and selectable.

I'm a little bit confused.

I think when DO starts and the script is not enabled the columns shouldn't be there and selectable.

Do I misunderstood something?


Looks like disabling scripts doesn't apply to columns at the moment. We'll look at changing this to make it consistent with event-driven scripts and scripts which add commands.

Exit Opus properly instead, or you risk losing or corrupting config changes.

Thanks leo,

btw: I've used 11.15.2 Beta