Force standalone viewer fullscreen state

Is there a way to force the standalone viewer into fullscreen (or out of it)? Show VIEWERCMD=fullscreen will only toggle the state.

The state can be checked with @if...

@if:Show VIEWERCMD=fullscreen


... but this button still toggles the state:

@if:Show VIEWERCMD=fullscreen
Show VIEWERCMD=fullscreen

Interestingly, as a user command it will turn fullscreen mode off. With a script I couldn't reliably set the state, either.

IMHO the ideal solution would be an additional on/off option for the command similar to Show VIEWERCMD=meta, like Show VIEWERCMD=fullscreen,on.

These commands could receive the same treatment:

Show VIEWERCMD=shortcutbar
Show VIEWERCMD=slideshow
Show VIEWERCMD=statusbar
Show VIEWERCMD=toolbar

I see the same. Definitely something strange going on with how that command works with @if or something. Will try to take a look in more detail next week.

We've fixed the issue for 12.27.2, and also added support for fullscreen,on and fullscreen,off.

(The issue affected any command launched from a viewer toolbar where the first line was @if and the second line ran Show VIEWERCMD=xyz.)