Format Bug

Small bug
1 I format a drive ( works fine )
2 when I check the drive Opus stills shows the old data
3 so i do a delete I do get an error ( since no data left ie not in disk table )
I have to close Opus to reset the Data.
Note this is windows 10 Latest releace Mar 18 2022

Just a FYI

What happens in File Explorer if you do the same thing?

What kind of drive is it?

Opus gets the directory listings from the operating system, so if the listing is loaded after the drive is formatted then the operating sytem must be returning the old data.

If, instead, the issue is that the drive listing was already visible, the drive was formatted, and the file display not refreshed, then that could be different. F5 to refresh the drive may fix things if no change notification triggers an automatic refresh. See also Changes to folders are not being detected for other things to try.