Formatting date/time in the columns of the right panel

I am sure it is there somewhere, please help me find it: how do you format the "date" and the "size" in the columns of the right panel without using scripts. I need it to show the actual date and not "today", Tuesday, etc. I also want all file sizes to be in MB ... etc.

Thank you

Turn off Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show day names in date columns if date is within one week.

Thanks. This works fine. (Day of the week).
Any thoughts on fixing the size to be in MB or KB but not GB, ie, I want GB to be 1000 MB.


There are Size (Bytes) and Size (KB) columns which always show the sizes in those units, but no Size (MB) one built in. (It'd show 0 for so many files.)

A script could provide a columb for that pretty easily though. We can help write a script if you link your account.

Apologies, Leo. I did set the KB and MB before but cannot find them now. I went through every tab in the Preferences and the Folder Options.
Must be a blind spot.
Can you help?
(I cannot use scripts, just as yet. Maybe in the future).

Anywhere that shows a list of columns, e.g. Folder Options or the column header right-click menu:

Thanks Leo.