FoxIt PDF viewer not working

I don't know when this started. Tried numerous things that I read about here. Using Foxit Reader - newest version as of today. DOpus version is 12.29.2. Viewer works in File Explorer. Tried setting viewer settings to Default, no change. Tried reinstalling Foxit Viewer, no change. I am lost.

Go to Go to Preferences / Viewers / Plugins, configure the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin. See which PDF viewer the extension is assigned to there.

Like I sadi, I have looked at and tried what I could find here ion the subject. Assigned to Foxit viewer as you can see . . .

Try the other FoxIt viewer above that one. (Not sure why they still register two of them.)

Tried to do that earlier, but from my screen shot you can see there is no extension shown and I can't Add one as the Add button is inactive.

Scratch that. I figured out how to Add an extension, and it removed it from the other one. Restarted Opus and it now works... Thank you.

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