FR: Create Multiple Folders automatically with carriage ret?

I thought I recalled this coming up in relation to v11 'Create Multiple Folders' option... but couldn't find it on quick search.

So, is there a chance you could provide either default behavior or an option in prefs (or even an arg for the CreateFolder RAW function) that would cause the 'Create Multiple Folders' behavior if I paste a list of folder names into the dialog that contains carriage returns? I have my normal use of the 'CreateFolder' dialog set to NOT auto update, but there are times I have to perform many repetitious creation of multiple folders across a collection folders (so I'm doing multi-folder creation many times in a row in different parent dirs).

I suppose I could just remove the NOAUTOUPDATE stuff when I have to do work like this... but it'd be a 'nice to have' if Opus auto-detected the carriage returns and intelligently switched to multi-folder mode... Thanks for listening.

Nice idea.

FWIW, I leave mine in multi-folder mode all the time.

Double-tapping return after typing a folder name is like clicking OK in that dialog, and I'm used to double-tapping now, so I just leave it in that mode even though I usually only create one folder.

(The idea of auto-switching still makes sense, though!)