FR: Multi-Stage Renaming

Currently when doing a rename you can already do a lot! From regexes to scripting almost anything is possible.
However there are some situations where it would be handy to do a multi-stage renaming.

What do I mean by saying "multi-stage"? I mean to execute MULTIPLE rename operations one after the other in one go - of course WITH preview of the resulting file names!

This way one could do rather complex rename operations WITHOUT having to write any script for it. It could be a chain of multiple search+replace and/or regex rename operations.

How to implement this? By adding FOLDERS to the presets on the right!
Two benefits:

  • first you can run my suggested multi-stage renames by clicking on the folder rather than on any preset inside that given folder. Clicking on the folder means: do everything inside this folder with the selected files.
  • second you have some way of organizing your rename presets

What do you think?

This is the idea behind Dynamic Renamer.

Thanks for your suggestions, we do have plans to enhance the Rename function in the future so all suggestions are welcome!

That's a nice approach - however it's more complicated than having a dedicated machanism that supports multi-staged renaming out of the box without having to remember any switches.

I believe "macro"-presets (which include an ordered series of different transformation steps) and / or the suggested preset folders which are selectable by their own right are a way to make this process a bit more usable.

My suggestions would still allow your script to be part of that multi-staged rename setup if you choose so :slight_smile:

As I often need to combine different rename-presets, maybe here solution for the GUI then:

Adding two buttons next to "ok" (something like "More" and "Previous") doing this:

  • On "More" preview-pane shows (simulated!) renamed files from previous rename and you can choose another rename-option
  • On "Previous" you simply get a step back to previous rename (like undo).
  • On "Ok" all rename steps will be executed.

How about extending COPY AS by adding "Advanced Rename" option (to the currently existing "OK", "Skip", "Abort")?
That would allow to set a desired destination file/dir names with help of all advanced DOpus renaming capabilities.
Currently COPY AS renaming capabilities are limited to wildcards and to an explicitly typed names.