Frame & Fill\Fill tile Interior color


I have set my Default DOPus Windows Start menu for…
a. No tree.
b. Tiles.
c. No Tile Frames.

Problem I am encountering with the Tiles Preferences…

Frame & Fill\Fill tile Interior… very bright colors are way off; bright red is a dull brownish red. Bright yellow is a very dark greenish yellow (SEE: attached Tile Background Color.jpeg... below). I don’t understand why these colors when applied to a Tile background do not match the color selected whereas most other DOpus colors are a perfect match on various buttons.

Dark colors seem to be OK.


Try turning off the applicable Blend options in Preferences / Display / Options.


I will look at that later as there are a lot Blend choices and need to try them one at a time to see the effects

Thanks again for your wonderful help;