Freezes viewing mp4 and other video files

I am using Opus 12.15 x 64. When I click on a video file to preview it, the file opens in the view panel as it should. However, if I then click on another file to preview, the program freezes. At the top of the View Panel, it says that the file is loading but the program is frozen. The only avenue then is to close it using Task Manager. Can anyone help?

Video playback problems are usually due to a video codec or splitter being installed on the system which isn't working properly. That can be a pain to track down, but changing which viewer is used to play videos may avoid the problem and be easier. Here's how to do that:

First, try disabling the Movie plugin:

(Note that disabling the Movie plugin will also mean some metadata columns related to video files will no longer be populated. If you need those columns, I can point you to an extension you can install which provides similar information via an alternative method.)

Click OK and see if things work better.

If you still have trouble with the Movie plugin disabled, click on the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin, then click Configure.

Within the dialog that opens, turn on Windows Media Player in the top part of the list:

With Windows Media Player still selected, check on the right hand side that the extensions you need are listed there. The extensions come from the registry in Windows, and can be messed up by other software. In my case, .mp4 was missing from the list, so I had to add it back:


Click OK in both dialogs to save the changes, then see if viewing works better now.