Freezing after attaching file in Outlook

Just downgraded my windows 7 pc to windows 10.... and DO is one of a number of apps that dont work as well with Win10 as they did with Win7!

Often when I an in outlook and attach a file to a message, then try to go back to DO its unresponsive. I click on the icon in my taskbar and nothing happens. I have to close it and re-open it.

This is happening way to frequently and I suspect is not only with Outlook, but is directly related to my upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

I see there are a few other posts about freezing and suggesting generating a dump file which I have done. Who do I send it to?. Interesting When I drilled down using windows file manager to the temp folder to get the dump file I noticed it was very sloe to read directories. I killed DO and then it was fine, so DO must have still been doing something in the background

Is Opus involved in attaching the file? e.g. Are you using drag & drop from Opus to Outlook?

What happens if you do the same thing but from File Explorer to Outlook?

Details on how to generate snapshots for this type of issue, and where to send them, can be found here: