Freezing of Opus 12 by using Folder Marker

Windows 10 pro 64.

I use Folder Marker Pro for changing series of folder icons or colors in Opus12 now.
It is within a database with appr.150.000 Folders.
After about 130 to 140 changes of folders Opus freeze.
I then have to disable Opus completely in theTask Manager or restart my desktop PC.

What can I do?


Please send us some process snapshots the next time it goes wrong, and we'll see what's happening:

Note that there is at least one report of Folder Marker (version 3) causing File Explorer's context menus to break as well:

Also note that applying colors to folders is built-in to Opus, although if you've set hundreds of colors using another tool then it makes sense that you'd want to continue using that one, of course!

I have send 2 series of dumps, hope they give something good.
wkr: kOOs

Based on the dumps, it isn't any Opus code that is freezing. Most of them look like something written in a .Net language is hanging during finalization.

If it only happens when using Folder Marker then I'd say the bug is in that, assuming it's written in .Net. (No part of Opus uses .Net.) This also ties in with the other thing I found saying it can cause problems with File Explorer.

You could try sending the same dumps to the Folder Marker developers to see if they can see anything in them which might help track down the problem. On our side, all the Opus threads are idle and waiting for input in the snapshots, except for some where there's a file copy going on at the same time.

Thank you very much for the check you did and the result you give me here. It only happens using Folder Marker.I must admit that it's long ago seeing a software company working this fast and friendly and professional. Now it's worth for me to buy Dir Opus 12 and take time to learn it. It is possible that I have more questions later on but I know they will be taking seriously.
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