French pack for DO 8.1

when the french language pack for DO release ??

The language packs are available from the Download page of our web site. These do not need and are not updated for each individual version. Install any version of 8.1.xx then install the language pack you wish to install.

Once you have a language pack installed, you can change languages as you wish from the Preferences - Miscellaneous

OK. Thanks.

However, this is not the best place for such discusisons with details. if you have problems then please send me a report directly (or via the support page) and I will pass them on the the person who does the French translations.


I have begun to note the mistakes I could find and corrections for them.

Most of these do not exist in the latest language pack. I've had a quick look at this and it seems to me that you have an old version of the language file?

Please downlaod the latest version from our web site and install this. Then talk to me privately with the errors you find.

I continued the correction of the French pack of Alberthorne.

I tried several times to have contact with an administrator but I do not have any answer.

I thus allow myself to continue on this post

here my work :