Frequently crashes since I updated to w8

I upgraded to windows 8 from windows 7 and since then I have much trouble with direcotry opus (ver 10.2). I installed all the updates that are going and keeps getting hung. Can you help?.

What is Opus doing when the crashes occur?

The Other Troubleshooting section of the Opus FAQ has some guides for tracking down the causes of different types of crashes.

DOpus starts well, but soon hangs when reading a folder (happens randomly with diferetes folders). If I turn off and turn the computer back on again quickly work temporarily but still crashes.

Crash, exit or high CPU when viewing certain directories is your best bet for tracking down the cause.

I too am seeing a lot of crashes since installing Windows 8 x64.

Currently using the latest beta Like the other user mentioned, it happens randomly when entering folders. I have tried disabling all shell extensions to no avail.

Same build running on Win 7 is OK.

Will give Leo's suggestions a go and see if I can narrow it down a bit.