Frustrated at FTP

Im a registered user of Directory Opus and while im generally happy with the program Im becomming very frustrated with the poor (or seemingly poor) FTP module. I have problems connecting to sites on my LAN, for example Ill try and connect to a site and the directory opus window will flash for a split second then go back to what it was looking at before, as if it`s not even trying to connect. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to display FTP status messages either, I did a forum search and from what I can gather I think there is supposed to be a tab called FTP that appears if you have tools/output window checked, but I do have that checked and no FTP tab appears.

Can anyone help?

Go to the Tools menu, select Output Window, click the FTP tab.

Also most FTP problems are caused by having the passive (PASV) option set wrong, so try changing that.

Ok I found the window, for some reason it was starting minimised. I thought when you said tab it would appear like another tab in the main opus window.

Anyway I still cannot connect, PASV mode or not, here is what I get trying to connect to my PS2 (FlashFXP connects first time no problems)

pening Connection
220 ps2ftpd ready.
--> USER anonymous
220 modified by SlicStik__
--> SYST
230 Login ok.
--> FEAT
215 UNIX Type: L8
--> REST 100
500 Not understood.
--> TYPE I
500 Not understood.
--> ABOR
200 Type set to I.
Connection closed

Would you be able to report this officially through the website at please?

It looks like an incompatibility with your ftp server and we will need to look into it more closely.

Also could you please try turning on Debug logging in the FTP preferences to see if any additional information is displayed?

Ok I will do as soon as I can but its getting late now and I have work in the morning :slight_smile:

Right this is a little late to bring this up again but I think the problem is the FTP server, to be honest I don't think its particually well programmed, it works with flashFXP but not many other FTP clients.

I have another FTP problem now though, so here comes another thread :slight_smile: