FTP account!


Dopus does not like a FTP accounts , if they do not have a Password . (userid = yes , password = no ) . i mean , locally for testing , i have a FTP server , that i use to share files with other people on the network , the Account has a USERID , but the password is blank , DOPUS FTP will ask me for a password each time i connect , and it will accept a blank password at the dialog prompt and connect. But can i do something about this dialog box.


Sounds like a bug.
Have you tried logging in with the DOS FTP command, just to verify it?
Until it is fixed you could just add another account with an actual password.


FTP dos wokrs fine , Dopus will connect if i input a blank password in the Dialog that shows up each time it tries to connect, but this happens each time. has going to get a password put onto this account for the time being.