FTP Address Book exporting/importing command

I use the FTP(S) addon feature of DOpus a lot - and need to sync the address book between 2 installs of DOpus very frequently. At the moment I have to export / import to do this (using the address book menus and an intermediate file). It'd be great if there was a dopus command available so that this could be at least semi-automated - or is it already possible? To be more precise, it would be great if there was DOpus command such that I could automatically export the address book to a preset file without using the file/export menu. There would be a corresponding import command where I could feed it my preset file to import and have the process completed with almost no fuss.
Any ideas welcome!

The settings are stored in /dopusdata/ftp.oxc so you could copy that file back & forth.

Note that if you replace the file you need to then fully exit Opus and then re-launch it for the change to take effect.

Thanks Leo,
Yeah - that's the other approach I was using with a script that used pskill/exec to restart DOpus (on local or remote machine). I can't use this any more (security). It's mainly my infinite capacity for laziness I suppose - getting used to applications that are capable of config sharing via network shares or cloud.
Anyhow - thanks!