FTP - Adjusting date/time for site time zone

I think I understand how the feature works that adjusts the date/time for the site time zone in an FTP lister, but no matter what I do, the times don't change.

I first had it disabled (unchecked). Times on four files were 03:06.
I enabled it, didn't change time zone from UTC. Times were still 03:06.
I set the time zone to Bangkok (where I happen to be at the moment). Times were still 03:06. (I realize that the time zone is supposed to be where the server is, not where I am, but in this case I was just trying to get any different result.)
I checked "Adjust for daylight saving changes.". Times were still 03:06.

Between each change, I closed the lister and reconnected to the FTP site, thinking that the above settings would only be read once during the initial connection, but it made no difference.

Am I missing something?

It sounds like you are doing the right thing.

What kind of site is it? Normal FTP or SFTP/SSL/etc.?

Have you tried with some different sites?

Make sure there aren't any other windows showing the site in case they are keeping the directory listing cached. (I'm not sure if that matters or not, but it might.)

Also, make sure you are connecting via the FTP bookmark (normally via the FTP menu near the top-left of the main Opus window). If you connect via another method -- e.g. a command that goes to an FTP URL -- then the FTP bookmark settings may not take effect.

I did my own quick test with a normal FTP site where I logged in one (native timezone is GMT/UTC), then edited the site bookmark and changed its timezone to UTC-12.00 International Date Line West at the bottom of the list. I then navigated to a local folder, then selected the FTP bookmark again and I got different times, as shown below: