I'm throwing this out here to see if there's anything I've overlooked before I file bug reports.

I was trying a syncronize between a local dir and a remote dir over SSH, when I discovered that it wanted to sync much more than it should. At closer inspection some of the remote files had timestamps at precisely 00:00, and looking at the file on the server I was reminded that 'ls' omits the time and only prints the year when the file is from last year..

That explains why my brother had problems syncing files some time ago, as standard FTP uses, if not the system ls command, then a similar format.

Doesn't, however, explain the same problem over SSH, as Opus uses SFTP (I can see it running the sftp-server binary on the server), and glancing over the draft, it appears that sftp transfers the date as a unix timestamp, not a string.

Does the SFTP sub module fake a FTP connection to a higher level or why exactly does it show the same symptoms?

Speaking of FTP, per default I get times in GMT on my server. Isn't there a way to make it adjust the time to local time, per default, as I log on to a lot of different sites, all in GMT, which I don't save to the site list?

Secondly, wouldn't it be a handy thing if the protocols for the FTP protocols were ftp: for regular ftp (which would try TLS if it were available), ftps: for port 990 secure FTP and sftp: for SSH FTP? That way I wouldn't have to open the quick connect window but could simply write sftp://user@host.com/somepath, and get directly there.