FTP bookmarks

HI all.
I have had to reinstall windows on new drive and in the process of getting opus back to where I last had it set up.
Most importantly I need to rebuild my ftp address book. I still have access to the old drive so where would the files reside that I could copy over to have my ftp details restored?

Thanks for your help.


Not sure, but in /dopusdata there is a file, ftp.oxc, which looks like the right file.

Forgot to say, it's under "ConfigFiles".

If you type /dopusdata/ConfigFiles into a file display, it will take you to where the ftp.oxc and ftpdef.oxc files are on your new drive.

You should be able to use that location to work out where they were on your old drive.

Before copying them, fully exit Opus using File > Exit Directory Opus, then copy the two files using Windows Explorer, then re-launch Opus and check that the FTP address book shows the right sites.

worked a treat! thank you so much for your help.