FTP bug: forbidden reconnect without needed password


It seems, Dopus has a dangerous Bug with FTP connections but i'm not sure.

Scenario: I use it on computer 1. with ftp access to computer 2

Other Users can access computer 1 too, as other system admins,
or with a tool like teamviewer.

Problem description:

  1. Connect to a FTP Site from the Adress Book.
    The adress book settings contain a username, but no or an incorrect password,
    and the authentification settings are set to "ASK FOR A PASSWORD"

  2. Quit and restart directory opus, or even restart the whole computer
    (settings of directory opus must be the way, that it opens same
    listers again after restart Dopus or Computer)

Directory opus shows immediately a requester for inserting a password of this FTP site.
I leave it blank an press cancel (eventually 2 times).

The FTP site window in Dopus leaves blank, like it has not connected.

But if i press the button or command for reloading/updating the lister:
Tadaaaa… I'm on the FTP site where i was before i restartet the computer or dyrectory opus
without inserting any password!!!

This is a really risky thing specially if the computer is shared!

The problem occures with some different versions of Dopus (had v8/9 or 10 before, not sure anymore), and now actually with v12.14...
The FTP Server is FileZilla v0.9.60 beta

Is this a bug in Directory opus (I think so), or in FileZilla Server?


My FTP problem is PassWord related. I entered the password using Any Address Book. When using FTP Address it will stop, after execution, asking me to enter the password.

I haven't been able to reproduce this so far in 12.16.

By "the button or command for reloading/updating the lister", do you mean F5? Or are you pushing something else?

While I still haven't been able to reproduce this, we've made some changes for the next update which should make it impossible*.

(The change will also mean that layouts which refer to FTP Address Book entries will no longer need re-saving if the address book entry's host, port, etc. details change.)

(*One exception: FTP connections are cached for a short time, approximately 1 minute, so if the window is closed but not the program, then it is briefly possible to open a new connection to the same site without a password prompt. This is by design, else you would get disconnected when browsing via things like the folder tree. Exiting the program, rebooting, or waiting a minute will cause the cached connection to be dropped. The changes in the next update don't affect the way that works.)

I use F5 (was not sure if this is standard or my own setting)