FTP caching problem, and FTP 'bug'

I'm using for this, I haven't tried the preview release yet so I apologise if they are fixed in that version.

I have a problem with the FTP caching feature. If I log on to an FTP site then it caches the directories as I travel through them, which is good :slight_smile:

If I then log out, and then log back in to the FTP server with a different username I get the same cached directories appearing.

This is a BIG problem with the shared hosting servers I have to use at work, as it means that DOpus lists files which aren't actually there, which leads to all sorts of errors being reported by the FTP server.

Can this be changed so that DOpus forces a cache refresh if it logs back in to an FTP server under a different username?


The other bug is that sometimes when I go up a directory in the FTP lister, the Output Window shows that it does it properly but the lister goes back to the folder I was originally in.

For example:

I am currently in /public_html/images/buttons/

I press the Up button to go up a folder.

DOpus does some jiggery pokery, but instead of ending up in /public_html/images/ it dumps me back in /public_html/images/buttons/

I would try and get an FTP log for you but unfortunately I can only replicate this behaviour on my work PC and I'm not at work until Monday now :slight_smile: