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FTP disconnection problem



I connect my smartphone by FTP (Solid Explorer).
If connection is lost (to test, just stop server on smartphone), dialog is display again and again, even if I clic abord button...
Also, dialog says "Essai 1" then "Essai 1" then "Essai 1"...
To stop this, I need to close Dopus (not only Lister).
Very boring :confounded: (837.6 KB)

Now 2 glitches:

  • If I press o hotkey when connection dialog is display, unattended dialog is display :crazy_face:
    p hotkey change dialog title to PAUSE: :crazy_face:
    l hotkey display an empty list :crazy_face:

  • And note cut string in this dialog. Need multiline...



What did you do in Opus immediately before the video starts?

If I connect to the server in Opus and then shut the server down, the log shows "Connection closed" but then nothing else happens after that.


Nothing :no_mouth:

  1. Start SolidExplorer server in Android device
  2. Close Dopus (Close PROGRAM) and restart
  3. Connect Dopus to server
  4. Stop server in SolidExplorer
  5. Alerts are display in Dopus


What options do you have set on the Network tab for that site in the FTP address book?