FTP download doesn't like getting disconnected

Is this a known issue?

Occasionally during an FTP download - usually up to 15 files at one time - DOpus will show a message stating that it was been disconnected transferring a file (file name provided).

When that happens, I click the button to re-connect and continue, noting the file affected. After the transfer is complete, I have to re-download that file, as the re-download apparently starts over and doesn't override the existing data, but appends to it - that is a guess, but the file is always bigger then it should be.

Also, the All files section of the progress dialog is no longer updated in the "Remaining:" value.

I already have PASV and auto reconnect checked. I've now checked the 'Keep alive' option to see if that will stop the disconnect, but was curious if this is a known issue.

I don't think it's been mentioned on the forums before.

If you've got steps that reliably reproduce it then send them to GPSoftware. If it only happens sometimes then maybe we (at the forum) can experiment and see if we can work out some of the details before sending them to GPSoftware.

That's the problem - it only happens sometimes.

It's consistent in that once the Disconnected error window appears, the file it error out on is too large, and the remaining time is no longer upated. But I can't get the dialog to appear consistently, even on the same set of files immediately re-downloaded. That most likely has to do with traffic on the FTP server, and the local network.

Next time I see it, I'll screenshot the error dialog and send it to the DOpus tech support.

I think there's a log file I can turn on(?). I'll do that and send it as well.