FTP Drag and Drop Blank files

I use Dopus 8 for FTP working with my Xoops website. I have used version 6 and 8 with no problems up to now and for the life of me cannot find the solution.

I just reinstalled windows yesterday, and of course spent all day reinstalling my default apps. I set up Dopus for FTP for my site as usual, connected with no trouble. The only trouble I have is when I right click on a file that is on the server, drag it to a folder on my computer and select "Copy Here" I get a blank zero byte file. The file on the server is 777 kb so I know it is not blank.

I know this must be a setting I missed somewhere, I have tried different files to my computer, have not tried the otherway for fear of blank files on my server. Any Ideas?

TIA. :slight_smile:

Right after I posted tried again and got good transfers. I have no idea what I changed LOL.

But it works that's what counts. :slight_smile: