FTP file path to clipboard

I prefer to use DOpus to browse FTP sites and to download most files and directories. However, I do prefer to use a download manager for the large files I download (ISOs and the like). Having not found a way to copy the file path from DOpus' FTP browser and paste that into my download manager, I'm forced to type it in by hand. Which is a bit tedious, to say the least.

Is "Copy file path" a suitable option for right-clicking a file or folder in DOpus when browsing FTP sites?


Does Edit -> Copy Filenames -> As URLs (which runs Clipboard COPYNAMES=url) work in FTP mode? I can't remember for sure and don't have access to FTP at the moment to check.

Thanks a lot for the reply, I hadn't thought of the CLIPBOARD-command at all.

It does work. Sort of. Well, almost as good as one could want.

Edit -> Copy Filenames -> As Names Only gives:
"This and that.doc"

Edit -> Copy Filenames -> As Full Pathnames gives:
"FTP://SITE=ftp.myftpsite.net?username:password@ftp.myftpsite.net//misc/This and that.doc"

Edit -> Copy Filenames -> As URLs gives:

A combination of number 2 and 3 is what is desired, that is, number 3 with the addition of username and password to make it usable for copying and pasting into downloaders or browsers that accept URLs with authentication. For example:

Btw, what's with the double forward slashes after the ftp root? Isn't one enough? (I don't mean the ftp:// at the front...)

I believe the first slash is part of the "ftp:/" protocol prefix and the second slash means the root directory on the server. Of course, the "current" directory is often the root directory by default, but sometimes you end up in a different place right after login, so it's more accurate to use two slashes.