FTP Firewll/Proxy problem

I cant conect to a ftp-site.
With filezilla it works using Type:

USER RemoteID@RemoteHost FireID

But in DOPUS there isnt this option.

For commandline I have to type:

FTP ftp@ftp.netscape.com firewalluser

Is there any chance to get it work with DOPUS ?

No one can help ? :cry:

Drop a message to the official support page if you haven't already.

Although GPSoft do pop-in every so often, this forum's for user-to-user help/discussion and it looks like none of us can help.

(I've never used an FTP proxy at all so that rules me out, sorry! I'm surprised by how many different "standards" there are for logging into FTP proxies, but that's my level of knowledge on the subject exhausted. :slight_smile: )

Good luck getting it sorted!