FTP Hangs DOpus 9.5 on folder double-click

This has been an ongoing problem using DOpus in XP, Vistax64 and now Win7x64. I'm runnning the latest Opus on Win7x64 pre-release build 7100. Similar FTP problems have been reported in other threads but I'm not seeing anything current re. this specific issue so here it is (again... sorry :blush: ).

After logging in to my web host (bluehost.com) using either FTP or SFTP, DOPus hangs consistently when double clicking a folder to browse into on the FTP site. When this occurs I get an "FTP Status" dialog pop-up that indicates "logging-in" which just sits and spins. Sometimes that will eventually change to a "could not connect" dialog which I can cancel, allowing me to get back into opus. But usually it hangs indefinitely on the "logging-in" dialog and clicking the Abort button does nothing. I have to go into Process Explorer and kill the dopus and dopux64 processes.

This happens so frequently (usually within 2 to 3 folder changes) that the FTP capability in DOPus is basically unusable for me. I've since switched to FileZilla Portable to do my file transfers and have had no problems using this tool. This sucks because I'd much rather be using Opus but it just flat out does not work.

I am running Win7 Firewall behind a NAT router. No other firewall software is installed. I am also running Kaspersky AV v8 and have tried turning it off to no avail. The FTP problem still occurs.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you gone through the FAQ on FTP connection issues?

What's shown in the FTP log?

When you say it hangs do you mean the whole program actually hangs or just that the window with the FTP connection is busy for a while? (Saying something hangs usually implies the whole program has completely locked up but it doesn't sound like that's the case.)