FTP : in Directory

When I FTP into some of my Linux Box's with DOpus. I don't see any of the directories with a : in them. I have one box that when I ftp into it it shows a list of all the drives C: D: E: F: but in DOpus I don't see anything listed. If I type in the C: I can go to the directory. I read the version history and I saw where they had fixed this issue so I am trying to figure out if it is because I am running the eval version or if there is still an issue.



I can't quite remember what we did with this since it was quite a long time ago. But, A: C: etc are not legal windows file names. Can you talk to me privately on this with more details and I'll look into exacty what you are seeing here.

email me direct : greg@gpsoft.com.au

Most certainly. I'll send the info off. Thanks