FTP Local Folder

Question 1:
Is it possible to auto select a local folder when connecting to an FTP site?

e.g. When I connect to Site "A", I always want a dual pane lister with Site "A" at the left and local folder "B" on the right

Question 2:
I would like a different icon (or colour) for SSL sites in the FTP server list menu. Is this possible? They already show in the main window as secure, just not in the menu.

Thanks for any help.

You can use layouts or styles, or configure a button that runs the Go command manually.

I tried layouts but they are not very "editable" and I found it awkward using them in this way. Can you elaborate on what the Go command is or point me to the relevant docs? Thanks.

Found it:

Go "local path" OPENINLEFT

That's it, or tie to together:

Go "local path" DUALPATH "@ftp site"

(note: you can use @sitename as a shortcut to an FTP addressbook entry)

Even better thanks.

It's a little more work than a simple option in the FTP site list but as they don't often change its certainly no hardship. Doing it this way actually allows me to have different folder combinations that would be impossible with a "built in" option.

I can change icons manually too in my custom buttons.

Thanks for fast responses.