FTP Log Time Stamps

I can't find an option to turn on the time stamps in the FTP log. I need to hand the log along with times for troubleshooting purposes to my provider.

Am I missing something or Opus is missing this valuable piece of information? I can't believe it's not there, rather I can't find it. :slight_smile:


There isn't an option. I don't think anyone has asked before, but I can see it might be useful if you've left something transferring for a long time and need to know when things happened.

I'll add it to the ideas list.

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Thanks. I think I figured out the problem. Looks like their algorithm is seeing Opus listing all subfolders trying to get the folder sizes, and they probably detect some suspicious activity ending in auto-blacklisting my external IP address.

Hence another question, can I leave on auto folder sizing on all network folders and just leave-out the FTP folders?


Folder Formats can override that setting, if you need something more granular. You could turn if off in the FTP format, or turn it off globally and only turn it on for the folders or folder types you need it for.

I am just browsing through FTP Folder Format options. I can't see this option there. Unless, removing the size column, which I don't really think is the option?

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Thanks @Leo can't believe I missed that :slight_smile: